Donald Trump viewed more unfavorably than Congress, GOP

Is Donald Trump the Most Disliked Politician in America?
Is Donald Trump the Most Disliked Politician in America?

The turbulence the Republican party is currently experiencing does not look like it's going to end or even let up anytime soon. New polls report the party's front-runner is the most unfavorable candidate among American voters.

A Bloomberg poll, conducted by Selzer & Co., released Tuesday reveals the one thing American voters disapprove of more than the Republican party and even Congress -- Donald J. Trump.

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According to the poll, 53 percent of Americans view Trump "very unfavorably." That's half of the United States, as opposed to only a third of voters who view Congress in the same light.

A huge question mark for the GOP is if Trump can win a general election. Should the GOP front-runner receive the party's nomination, it is unlikely he would win the White House. According to this week's Bloomberg poll, Trump would fall to Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup by 18 points.

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Multiplepolls this month report only one GOP candidate would defeat Clinton in a one-on-one race, and they all say that hopeful is John Kasich.

Since the 2014 election, opinions of the Republican party have slipped, while views of the Democratic party have been on the rise and remain fairly positive. Hillary Clinton's favorability crashed last fall but has since been been on the uptick. Opinions of Ted Cruz have fallen, but not nearly as far as Trump. However, views of House Speaker Paul Ryan are mostly favorable.


This week's polls only reinforce the Republican party's crashing morale and growing divide. According to Monday's CNN/ORC poll, 51 percent of anti-Trump voters want another GOP member to join the race as a third party candidate.

The new numbers apply more pressure than ever to high-profile Republicans scrambling to find an alternative to their party's current front-runner.

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