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Comcast Takes on Dish and Amazon With Online TV Streaming Service
Comcast Takes on Dish and Amazon With Online TV Streaming Service

Amazon and Comcast Xfinity: E-commerce dream team?

This week, Amazon launched Amazon Cable store, a new section of the website which sells various Xfinity packages.

These are currently Amazon's most wished for items:

Customers can log on to the site and instantly purchase TV, Internet and phone packages through Amazon.

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President of Comcast's cable division, Neil Smit, explains:

"[Amazon] helped us in our thinking about how to simplify the experience and just make it clean. We're partnering with a company that's so good at the customer experience—I think that's really what excites me."

He's right. With nearly 89M monthly viewers, Amazon's presence is virtually unmatched.

The EVP of Customer Experience for Comcast Cable said in a statement:

"Amazon is not only the biggest online retailer and a place where millions of our customers shop every day, but it's also a brand that's unrivaled when it comes to customer service. "

We're excited to see what becomes of this new partnership between the two companies as it expands and grows.

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