Adorable 'vampire cat' that went viral finally finds a new home

48 Adorable Cat Shenanigans
48 Adorable Cat Shenanigans

Meet Rory, the sleek black cat with fiercely awesome fangs that's taken the Internet by storm. The 4-year-old male was put up for adoption in the U.K. after his previous owners could no longer look after him -- and after the Internet caught wind of his vampire-like fangs, he went viral.

Once he got to the shelter, he had to get some dental work done, which resulted in having most of his teeth removed -- "apart from his fantastic fangs!" according to the website.

See photos of the charming 'vampire' kitty:

"Lovely Rory can be timid at first but once he bonds with you he will show how affectionate he is and will enjoy spending quality time with you," the website says, "He loves being stroked and having a play with the feather waggler toy."

Once he went viral with pleas from people all over the world calling for his adoption, it wasn't long before his listing on the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home site updated with an orange 'reserved' sign.

We can only image who was lucky enough to get this cute little vampire guy!

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