Yolanda Be Cool talks about their new single, their favorite gigs and Miami Music Week

By: Gibson Johns

Yolanda Be Cool burst onto the electronic dance music scene in 2010 with their ubiquitous global smash "We No Speak Americano." The Australian DJ duo, made up of Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley, were in Miami this past week for Miami Music Week, which culminated over the weekend with Ultra Music Festival.

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We met up with the pair at the Shelbourne Hotel in South Beach, Miami after a night of partying to talk about their newest single, "From Me to You," their seven years of working together and who excites them in the current EDM landscape.

Check out our full conversation with Yolanda Be Cool below:

So, you guys just got to Miami! How was the gig last night?

Andrew Stanley: Yeah, we had 2 parties yesterday so we had to sweat it out. It was awesome – so many people good came to this, so that was really cool. And we had this party with a throwback theme!

Matthew Handley: And there are still many more days to go!

Do you guys come to Miami a good amount?

AS: This is our 6th WMC in a row!

MH: Yes! And we probably come here twice a year outside of that.

What do you like so much about the culture in Miami in terms of music and partying?

MH: Well, we were talking about this last night. It's a city built for having a good time! The only other places that I think are like this would be Ibiza and Vegas. There are so many cool, new popup venues, sick clubs that are always different every year. It's a good time city, that's for sure.

And the fans here give you back an energy that you probably don't get in many other places.

MH: Yes, I agree with that!

AS: Right, because it's on the cusp of central and south America –- it's got a little bit of the lawlessness of South Americans, so I guess that lends itself to partying.

MH: Yes! Lends itself to good times.

So what are your plans for the rest of the weekend?

MH: We're meant to be going on a boat party.

AS: Yes! We've got to go get some food, too!

MH: Today's going to be a health day –- we've got some good friends flying in tonight. The next party for us is on Sunday, it should be really good.

AS: And in between we're going to try to sneak into Diddy's house for his big party.

How's the reception been for your new track?

MH: It's one of those things that when you make dance music, you obviously want to make people dance and see a good reaction. This was one that works for us every time, because when you play a demo and get that type of reaction, that's when you decide whether you should make it a single or a club track. It's always a good song for us.

Totally! Have you guys been going nonstop for the past 6 years since "We Speak No Americano"? What's it been like?

AS: Yes! That hit a lot more countries than we thought it would have. Sure, but we always look at [other artists] and don't know how they do their schedules. For instance, they'll have a party at 7 a.m., and then you'll see them in another city at 7 p.m.! Our touring's not like that, but it's enough to not have day jobs.

MH: That track had such a big reach –- we did get to see places that we never even heard of. Far out, weird places in Russia!

Right! And what enhanced that is that that track is such a global-sounding track in itself. It lends itself to everywhere.

MH: I agree with that! From the weirdest places in Africa, to places I couldn't pronounce in Russia! We definitely have some funny stamps on our passports.

Do you have certain gigs that stand out in your mind that were next-level?

MH: Gigs in Miami and Ibiza.

AS: And Burning Man!

MH: Yes! Burning Man is sick every year. Everything in Ibiza. You can't just beat the energy and the sounds –- the whole place! It's good times.

What about interactions with your fans? How important is that for you, both in person and on social media?

AS: We wish we were better at social media.

MH: Yeah, we're honestly not amazing at it. But we definitely think it's very important these days. You need to do the full package: You need to write the music, you need to be present, and you need to engage as much as possible. We try to force ourselves to do it, but we could definitely improve on that.

And what about in person? What's the reaction like when you see your fans?

MH: We're pretty good with that!

AS: We totally just talk to everyone.

MH: We're down! We also interact with them on Facebook.

When you guys look at the landscape of dance music in 2016, who do you see as the most exciting artist?

AS: The stuff that's happening with people like Flume and the Weeknd, which is kind of melting a few different styles and making crossover music that's fucking cool, as opposed to three or four years ago when EDM was so watered down. It's great to see that kind of EDM on its way out, and funks and grooves and actual music getting way more popular again.

MH: In terms of dance tracks that are crossing over, there are definitely really cool tracks that are also now pop tracks.

AS: You couldn't listen to commercial radio and enjoy it.

MH: But now you can!

Yes -- originality seems to be coming back to dance music.

MH: Yes! And people are experimenting. Flume is just so out there – the sounds that he comes up with!

AS: Hayden James, Rufus! I don't know if you've come across Rufus, but his band just signed to our label and they're making amazing dance music with the most beautiful vocals on top.

How do you choose who's going to be the vocalist on your track?

MH: Vocalists are definitely the hardest bit. We don't necessarily want a feature artist, we just want to get the right sound for that track. So we're quite fastidious about nailing the actual person, scouring all the time. Demoing. We've also got a wish list of vocalists for our album! And we got to work with Crystal Waters and some other amazing [people]!

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