Wellness Wednesday: Why you should switch to an all-natural skincare regimen

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We're all learning to be conscious of what we put in our bodies, but what about what we put on our bodies? If you think about it, the skin absorbs everything we put on it -- moisturizers, acne-zapping chemicals, self tanner and more. What we don't often realize is that icky ingredients in things like our moisturizer end up inside our bodies, messing with things on a much deeper level.

As we continue to educate ourselves about the products we use every day, beauty companies are catching on and creating product lines that boast lists of ingredients we're able to recognize and pronounce. Just a few weeks ago Gwyneth Paltrow launched her new goop beauty collection in collaboration with Juice Beauty.

Tammy Fender natural organic skincare productsThere's one organic skincare brand, however, that's been all natural since Day 1, and that's Tammy Fender. The holistic collection's products 'work on the cellular level to bring skin into perfect balance,' according to the brand's website. That sounds good, but what exactly does it mean, and why should we care? We spoke with Tammy Fender herself to find out.

The Tammy Fender product line incorporates botanical ingredients to penetrate the skin and heal from the inside out. "All cells need nutrients and oxygen to thrive," Fender said, "so when you can utilize botanicals on that level, you're feeding and nourishing the cells."

Fender's line consists of oils and clays, which absorb deeply into the skin and help remove toxicity, preserving and protecting skin cells and allowing them to regenerate in a healthier way.

Tammy Fender holistic skincare productsWhat's cool about the Tammy Fender brand is that every product is handmade, and each product is made with integrity: "We work very much with the living-most part of the plant," Fender said. "The other interesting part of the product line is going back to the traceability of the seed and taking purity to the next level." No joke, Fender's primary concern is how each plant ingredient is treated throughout transportation and extraction so that the consumer receives the full benefit of the plant when it's most alive.

Basically, the philosophy behind Tammy Fender products is simple: skincare products act as nutrition for the skin. Just as you don't like putting cheaply made fast food into your body, you don't want to rub cheaply made products all over your face. Yuck.

However, just as healthier, organic food costs more money, so do healthier, organic skincare products. So what are the real benefits of spending the extra dough? When something is made in a lab, it's created for one treatment like acne or rosacea or dry skin, and the chemicals that are used only target that one specific concern. "When something is natural, like a plant," Fender said, "there are different vitamins and benefits and nutrients that work together to nourish multiple skin needs."

So while natural products may be a little pricier, they're targeting more than one skin issue and working to balance everything out. Not sure about you, but we're pretty excited at the thought of not needing to use a cleanser, toner, blemish stick, rose water, wrinkle cream and moisturizer twice a day. We're definitely fans of the less is more theory.

Convinced? Shop some of our favorite products from Tammy Fender below:

Tammy Fender natural organic skincare products
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Wellness Wednesday: Why you should switch to an all-natural skincare regimen
Tammy Fender Quintessential Serum/1 oz., $175

By Molly Winding

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