This taco bed might just be the coziest thing in existence

taco bed
taco bed

"When I grow up, I want to be a taco." OK, so most of us haven't actually had this aspiration. But now that we've mentioned the idea of being one of the most delicious foods known to man, it sounds pretty glorious, right? Oradaria Design certainly thought so, because they created a bed—or "transformable pad for lazy living," as they called it—that allows you to roll yourself up like a taco. This is living, folks.

The pad, officially known as the blandito, can do much more than help you reach peak taco status. Fold it one way, and you have a fortune cookie. Another, and you have a clam. Transform it into a majestic throne if you're feeling regal, or treat it like a standard comfy chair if you're not into living on the wild side. Wrapping yourself up in its cozy warmth and using it as a simple blanket is totally acceptable, as well.

In the mood for tacos now? Check out our favorite taco recipes in the slideshow below:
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The minds behind this iconic invention belong to an experimental design firm based in Florence. Oradaria Design's focus is on deconstructing normality to create things that are at once abstract and concrete, which they've achieved with the flexible blandito. The innovative and malleable structure puts the power in the hands of the customer—allowing them to decide how to transform their comfy pad. Perfect for relaxing, playing, napping, or being the taco you always knew you could be, the options for living your best blandito-filled life are endless.

But don't get too excited. Oradaria Design has sold out of its initial production run for the blandito. No word has been released on when more blanditos will be available for purchase. It looks like your dreams of taco-hood have been put on hold, hopefully to be realized someday soon.

taco bed
taco bed

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One more reason to love the taco bed? No pillows -- which apparently are a lot dirtier than we think. Watch the video below to learn more!

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