This burger joint didn't exist in Britain just over 2 years ago -- now it's the UK's favourite fast-food chain

Five Guys Is the Top Fast-Food Joint in the UK

Five Guys, an American fast-food restaurant that didn't exist in Britain until just over two years ago, has overtaken Nando's to become the country's favorite fast-food restaurant.

The American burger joint came first in Market Force's ranking,which asked over 4,500 UK diners to rate how satisfied their last experience at a given restaurant was and how likely they would recommend it to others.

The survey also looked speed at service, food quality, and value for money.

Nando's, a restaurant chain that originated in South Africa and is known for its reasonably-priced chicken dishes, has inspired a cult devotion in the UK, along with a "going for a cheeky Nando's" catchphrase.

Five Guys' first ever store outside of North America opened in London's Convent Garden in the summer in 2013, with a second restaurant following a few months later in Reading. The chain now has 41 locations in the UK as it continues an aggressive expansion across Europe.

Five Guys' unique selling points include an uncommonly large choice of toppings for a fast-food restaurant, as well as drinks machines with hundreds of beverages.

Nando's will have to settle for second place this year, while the slightly more upmarket Gourmet Burger Kitchen is in third place. KFC and Burger King round off the top five most popular fast-food restaurants in the UK:

Credit: Market Force

The report noted that Nando's was top for "speed and value," but Five Guys won out on "food quality and friendliness."

It added that customers who gave top marks were "5.7 times more likely to recommend than those who gave a score of four out of five," which bodes well for Five Guys' word of mouth.

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This burger joint didn't exist in Britain just over 2 years ago -- now it's the UK's favourite fast-food chain


McCafe premium roast coffee, small: $1.00

Burger King

Smooth roast coffee, small: $1.00

Krispy Kreme

Coffee (smooth, rich, or decaf), small: $1.59

Dunkin' Donuts

Hot coffee, small: $1.59

Tim Hortons

Coffee (original blend, dark roast or decaf): $1.59

Caribou Coffee

Coffee of the day, small: $1.69

Panera Bread

Hot coffee, small: $1.89


Freshly brewed coffee, tall: $1.85

Bruegger's Bagels 

House blend coffee, small: $1.99


Market Force's chief strategy officer Cheryl Flink said in the report that the "quick service restaurant" industry was evolving all the time. "Our research shows the quick traction of newcomer Five Guys – guests really appreciate the tasty burgers and think the brand offers great value."

In the coffeshop stakes, Pret A Manger was the number one choice for the second year running, while bakery Gregg's was deemed to have the best value for money.

Pizza Express remains the country's favourite pizza chain, with "healthy options" seen as a key area pizza restaurants can separate themselves from other fast food outlets.

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