Tasty tips for healthy eating while traveling

Tasty Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling
Tasty Tips for Healthy Eating While Traveling

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, it's important to fuel your body with healthy foods. Being away from home is no excuse for changing all of your healthy eating habits! Call ahead and ask your hotel if they have mini refrigerators available for guests. You can save money and calories by stocking the fridge with fruits and vegetables for snacking.

Try greek yogurt and fruit for a healthy on-the-go breakfast, and stay hydrated. The thrill of vacation or the hard work of a business trip can make you forget basic essentials like water. Additional bonus: water helps the body get over jet-lag symptoms and stave off junk food cravings.

Check out restaurant menus online and decide on a healthy option before you arrive. By having made a decision already, you're less likely to be tempted by high fat foods on the menu.

Watch the video above for more tips on avoiding the hotel bar, healthy snacks to pack in your carryon bag and more!

Click through the slideshow below for more healthy snack ideas you can bring with you!

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