Orphaned baby monkey won't let go of man who saved him

Orphaned Baby Monkey Won't Let Go of Man Who Saved Him

By: Troy Frisby, Buzz60

After his mother was killed by a poacher, a baby monkey in Thailand was photographed clinging to the man who saved his life.

Piak is a spectacled langur, a near-threatened species also known as a spectacled leaf monkey or dusky leaf monkey.

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He was living in the jungles of Ranong province, when -- according to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) -- "his mother was shot and killed to end up as dinner."

The post continues, "The poacher said he didn't realize the mother was carrying a baby when he killed her."

Not long after, a man was told about Piak and came to his rescue.

He cared for the little monkey while the WFFT mobile wildlife rescue team traveled more than 550 miles to help.

Although the man managed to find Piak the help he needs, the monkey wasn't ready to let go just yet.

He clung to the man with his hands for comfort, before ultimately being transferred to the intensive care unit.

Piak is said to still be "very weak," but the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand says it's doing all it can to "get him strong and healthy again."

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