No Wii for U: Nintendo to cease Wii U production by the end of the year?

So this is how Nintendo's next generation console dies, not with a bang but with...with a shrug and a healthy dose of "eh, what else is new?".

Yes, we all knew that the Wii U was on its last legs, what with news of Nintendo's next console (codenamed NX) already very much out in the open. Add an official reveal of the new console set for this year, and it's easy to see how the much the future of the Wii U was diminishing at the company. But still, I don't think anyone expected the Wii U to...well, die so soon. Consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 still sell, mostly because there are still games coming out for them.

This would indicate that Nintendo is willing to drop the guillotine early to make the NX more of a success. The Wii U certainly had its problems, and many other reasons can be rattled off for why it might have to die now and sacrifice itself for the benefit of the NX: poor sales, hard to develop for, wacky controller, lack of third party support, the list goes on and on. Japanese newspaper and rumor cowboys Nikkei (who has been proven right on leaking Nintendo details in the past) dropped the bombshell yesterday.

So you think that's the end of the story, but then Nintendo went ahead and threw us a curveball by sort of denying that report, but not really. They sound so vague in this official statement, that it's hard to believe them. It's like they've given up and just can't tell anybody. Here is what they had to say on the matter.

"This isn't an announcement from our company."

They didn't flat out say no!

"From the next quarter and thereafter as well, production of the Wii U is scheduled to continue."

...until they stop manufacturing it and stop selling it. Gotcha. While the denial isn't convincing, we are flabbergasted to learn the transition to the NX is going to ramp up so quickly. Here's hoping we hear some official news soon, good news at that, and the next Zelda game isn't affected too much.

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