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Just about everyone loses their cool once in a while. That's especially true for professional athletes, who are some of the most competitive human beings on the planet. Though the NBA doesn't feature nearly as much violent contact as the NFL, basketball is a physically demanding game that involves a lot of banging bodies and clashing egos at the professional level. That's a formula for drawing out some pretty terrifying displays of anger.

In the NBA, there are essentially two ways for referees to punish players acting out: technical fouls and flagrant fouls. Technicals are often doled out to players engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct, such as arguing with referees or taunting opponents. Flagrant fouls are called on players who commit "unnecessary and excessive contact" against opponents, according to the NBA rule book.

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Both types of fouls represent instances where anger or carelessness prevails over cooler heads. To determine which players the stats say have the worst tempers on the court, PointAfter calculated which guys have averaged the most combined technical and flagrant fouls per game dating back to the 2013-14 season, then found an example of an outburst for each player on YouTube.

Each of the 30 players listed average at least one technical or flagrant foul per 10 games. As you'll see, it's not a good idea to get on the wrong side of these towering NBA bad boys.

Note: All statistics are accurate as of March 22, 2016. Ties were broken by personal fouls per game dating back to the 2013-14 season.

#30. Josh Smith

Technical/Flagrant fouls per game: 0.243
Technical fouls in past three seasons: 46
Flagrant fouls in past three seasons: 0

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By: Will Laws

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