Moment baby hears clearly for first time is incredibly touching

Baby Hears Clearly for First Time
Baby Hears Clearly for First Time

There's nothing as emotional as watching someone be able to tap into their senses for the first time.

Audrey was recently granted that chance when she was fitted for her first hearing aid after being diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss when she was just a baby.

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Prior to her diagnosis, Audrey's parents believed the tot had simply been ignoring them when they would call her name. It was only after repeating themselves several times, in a much louder tone, that they realized something was wrong.

The doctor's solution? To give Audrey the small hearing aids so that basic sound could be amplified for her to understand.

After arriving for the appointment, the spectacle was filmed by her father, who was in the room with her mother and sister for the emotional experience.

As the doctor places the piece into her ear, you can see her face immediately light up as she can clearly identify her family's voices for the first time.

Watch the heart-melting scene above.

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