Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton take Arizona primaries, NBC News projects

NBC News: Trump Wins AZ GOP Primary
NBC News: Trump Wins AZ GOP Primary

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will win their respective parties' presidential primaries in Arizona on Tuesday, NBC News projects, with three more races still too early to call.

The results from the GOP caucuses in Utah and Democratic caucuses in Idaho and Utah have not yet been called. Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Bernie Sanders are both hoping for good news that can help stall the momentum each of their rivals received from their Arizona victories.

The western state primaries represented another step in each campaign's efforts to amass support in the race to the nomination, with both Trump and Clinton hopeful that they can tally an outright majority of their party's respective delegates before the summer conventions.

Click through images from the Arizona, Idaho, Utah primaries:

Trump's win in the Grand Canyon State means he will win all of the state's 58 delegates, adding to an already comfortable lead over Cruz. Clinton will win a proportional amount.

"I'm also very proud to have won Arizona tonight," Clinton told supporters at a rally in Seattle, Washington. "It's exciting to see that result come in because, you know, Arizona, like Washington, like a lot of the states that are going to be expressing their views and counting their votes in the weeks ahead understand that this is not just a contest between different candidates. This is a contest between fundamentally different views of our country, our values and our future."

Sanders, who is also campaigning in Washington, held a rally shortly after his Arizona loss but stuck mainly to his standard stump speech.

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Democrats will focus next on Saturday's contests in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, although Wisconsin's relatively delegate-rich primary in early April is the next big prize for the remaining candidates on both sides of the aisle. Contests in the northeast - including in Pennsylvania and New York - also loom next month.

Republicans hoping to deprive Trump of a delegate majority plan to push hard for strong showings for Cruz and John Kasich in states that might be favorable to each candidate, but it's far from clear that Trump opponents will be able to slow his steady progress to the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nod.

In a press conference Monday, Trump expressed confidence that he'd reach an outright majority from the remaining primary contests.

"We're going to maybe — easily — make that number," he said.


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