Dangers of posting about your kids on social media

Dangers Of Posting About Your Kids On Social Media

(Tribune) -- Facebook isn't what it used to be. Parents of young kids have gone from asking how to post a video on Facebook to filling up their feed with tons of pictures and videos of their kids doing and saying the darnedest things.

The Internet isn't going away and the post you think is cute today could be used to bully them tomorrow. This means definitely stay away from the bath time or potty training pics!

Another big no-no is shaming your kids online. Videos of parents calling out their kids for bad behavior are all the rage right now. But that can have real long term effects on your kid. In one case, a girl committed suicide after her dad posted a shaming video on YouTube.

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It's not just your kids you need to worry about either. Think about the people who will be seeing these pictures.

You don't want any creeps to be able to track down your little ones. Avoid posting about their school, your home address, or any other ways someone could find them.

And even though those group pics may seem precious, don't post play dates unless all the other moms and dads are on board. Some parents may be more protective than you and you don't want to get between a momma bear and her cub!

If you aren't sure about something just play it safe and don't post.

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