What your guests notice most about your home

What Your Guests Notice Most About Your Home!

Instead of spending hours cleaning before people come over, stick to the basics.

Whether you're expecting college buddies or dreaded in-laws, there are certain things that guests will notice about your home.

The scent of your house is major, but most of us are just used to the smell of our own place. Do your guests a favor and light a candle, because your gym sneakers definitely give off a scent.

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It's always polite to offer a beverage, so make sure you have the basics and can actually offer your guests a drink. Assuming alcohol is involved, a well-stocked bar is a major key to success.

Fresh plants and flowers really add to the ambience. They can literally give life to an otherwise drab space, and they're less expensive than store bought decor. Just make sure you don't forget to water them!

No one likes the look of clutter, so tidy up a bit so that your guests can actually relax and feel at home. When in doubt, shove everything into a closet.

A clean, well-stocked bathroom is a must! It's off-putting when there's no soap to wash your hands, or even worse, no toilet paper. Now that could just lead to a crappy situation!

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