Stars react to devastating Brussels terrorist attacks

Celebrities react to Brussels attacks
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Stars react to devastating Brussels terrorist attacks
🙏🏾 #Brussels
Waking up to this heartbreaking news this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with you today, #Brussels. 🙏🏼
Prayers for #Brussels.
Very long, distressing morning. My thanks to entire @GMB team for producing our extended 4½-hour show with such professionalism. #brussels
Powerful image emerging on social media this morning. #orangeroom #todayshow #belgium #france
Praying for peace around the world. Brussels my heart breaks for you.
I was supposed to be in the Beautiful city of Brussels soon...My heart is with you all.So terrible
Terrible news from Brussels. Praying for the victims and their families. Horrible.
Sending prayers to everyone in Brussels.
This is just awful,34 dead 170 Brussels.
Beyond sad and outraged that the scourge of the earth continue to feel the need to kill innocent people everywhere. #Brussels #WeStandWithU
Prayers for everyone in Brussels. There is true evil in this world.
Perfectly put @joshgad.
My heart is filled with grief, but it will not fill with hate. That is what terror demands, and I shall not give it.
My ❤️ breaks for Brussels today..... My heart breaks for the world today.... When will this end, and the love begin..... This isn't the planet I wanna live on 💔 NOTHING in the world matters but giving love to others! It's what we need more than anything else! MORE LOVE LESS EVIL!!!
my heart goes out to all those in Brussels. praying for you. praying for the world.
❤️ #enoughsaid #wynwoodwalls #peace #stopwars
Good morning world...while I awake to terrible news in's a real thing 💔 #itsalwaysdarkestbeforethedawn
All my love to the people of Brussels 💔 My thoughts are with you #prayfortheworld
Horrifying news out of Brussels... here's the latest:
Our heart goes out to our friends AND family that live in Brussels today. Yet another meaningless act of violence.
Woke up to the horrible, tragic news in Brussels. Heartbreaking. Sending much love and many prayers.
Good morning. Prayers with Brussels today.
we were just there. I don't even know what to say anymore. praying for those lost and affected in Brussels
My thoughts and prayers for Brussels this morning and for anyone killed or hurt in these terrible attacks and the families and loved ones.
watching this news going on in Brussels makes me so sad. could've been anyone you love in that airport/metro. all of my love and prayers 😔❤️
Praying for the people of Belgium and all those affected by this terrible tragedy. 🇧🇪
I hate that the world is ending just as I started getting good at filmmaking.
solidarity with Brussels, our thoughts and love to all those effected x
On my way into the studio & I can't help but think about everyone in Brussels right now... Prayers & thoughts are with you 🙌🏼💛💛 x. E
What has our world come to? 🙏🏻 for #Brussels #Peace
Our hearts go out to all those in Brussels today.
#prayersforBrussels #prayforturkey #prayforPEACE 🌎🌍🌏
Terrorism is one of the scariest things. It does not function like anything else in this world. The Dalai Lama once said "love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." The world falls to its knees yet again over terrorism 💔 #PrayForBrussels
Praying for the victims, their families and the people of #Brussels.
Prayers to those in #Brussels.
So sad to hear about what's happened in #Brussels Thoughts go out to everyone in the city! 😞🙏🏻🇧🇪
Just has to stop. Thoughts and prayers. #Brussels 🇧🇪
Shocked about the situation in Brussels. Thoughts are with the people in Belgium. Violence is never the answer.
Sending healing thoughts to all those affected by today's attacks in #Brussels.
Praying for Brussels

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks carried out in Brussels on Tuesday at an airport and metro station, stars and celebrities have taken to social media to express their reactions.

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From Kerry Washington to Kris Jenner to Piers Morgan, the world's most famous faces have offered their thoughts and prayers for Brussels and the world, as well as expressing their disgust for the deadly attacks carried out on innocent people.

Watch the video below for more information on the attacks:

Dozens Killed in Brussels Attacks

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