Piers Morgan: 'Isn't it time we started listening seriously to Trump?'

Donald Trump: 'Waterboarding Would Be Fine' to Interrogate Paris Terror Suspect
Donald Trump: 'Waterboarding Would Be Fine' to Interrogate Paris Terror Suspect

Outspoken journalist Piers Morgan has suggested it might be time to take Donald Trump seriously in the wake of Tuesday's terror attacks in Belgium.

The former host of CNN's "Piers Morgan Live," who just months ago slammed Trump for his proposed Muslim ban, penned an Op-Ed for the U.K.'s Daily Mail urging readers to consider the Republican frontrunner's position on global terror.

"Here is one man who definitely has a plan to deal with ISIS terrorism. Several plans in fact," Morgan writes. "The problem is that people don't like them. Well, a lot of people don't anyway."

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Morgan, who interviewed Trump Tuesday morning, says he found himself "nodding more than I expected," as he listened to the GOP frontrunner.

Though he insists he still disagrees with Trump's his controversial ban (which the frontrunner pushed again on Tuesday), he does not believe Trump is a racist.

"He firmly believes that ISIS will murder countless more Americans and Europeans if somebody somewhere doesn't stand up and punch them hard in the face."

See images of memorials following the Brussels attacks:

Morgan, who won Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" Season 7, goes on to heap compliments on the GOP frontrunner, at times bordering on admiration.

"He was, as you'd expect, bombastic, defiant and self-congratulatory. Why wouldn't he be? He's ripped up every political rulebook to take this presidential race by storm, a scenario that is hardly going to deflate the ego of New York's most cock-sure billionaire tycoon," Morgan explains.

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According to Morgan, Trump should get credit for recognizing the seriousness of the situation.

"Hate Donald Trump all you like, but at least he seems to recognise the magnitude of the threat and at least he has firm proposals," adding that, "They may not win him the Politically Correct Pontificator of the Year award. But how many more scenes like this morning's appalling images from Brussels are we going to tolerate before we try a non-PC option to beat these disgusting excuses for human beings?

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