Kids with this particular trait earn more money later in life

Kids with This Particular Trait Earn More Money Later in Life

It's funny to look back at elementary school and try and see signs of who the people around you would become. You can make your own assumptions but scientists are saying they see a trait that if a kid has it will lead to them earning more money later in life.

The trait is simple, you know how you're always told respect your elders? Well, kids that don't usually earn more money when they grow up. The study looked 745 sixth graders between 1968 through 2008 in Luxembourg and found kids that had a little testiness in them would go on to make more money.

There's logic behind this, like if you're not afraid to stand up to someone you could potentially do better in contract negotiations or in jobs searches in general. A tendency to break the rules also surprised the researchers in that kids who broke more rules went on to earn more too. Surprising because that rule breaking could have lead to business innovation rule breaking and not rule breaking that leads to probation.

Apparently your relationship with your teacher can predict a lot. Another study out of hawaii in 2006 found that students who's teachers described them as unconscientious or rule-breaky were also more likely to smoke and drink with higher body mass indexes.

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