#JeSuisBruxelles trends in wake of Brussels bombings to show support for victims of attack

Brussels Attacks: The Timeline

Belgium citizens, their neighbors and people around the world flocked to social media Tuesday morning after multiple explosions ripped through the international Zaventem airport and Maalbeek metro station in Brussels, killing at least 26 people and injuring at least 136.

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The hashtag #JeSuisBruxelles began trending directly after Tuesday's attacks and painted a picture of the grief, tragedy and human compassion enveloping the world during the latest act of terror.

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Brussels Attacks: #JeSuisBruxelles trending; Manneken Pis statue
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#JeSuisBruxelles trends in wake of Brussels bombings to show support for victims of attack
Stop terrorism... #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/iKOY1wMP04
Soutien à #Bruxelles #jesuisbruxelles https://t.co/PkY30R2GP3
Love and prayers to Brussels... #Brussels #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/vCjfGWAX9f
#JesuisBruxelles, el homenaje en #viñetas a las víctimas de los atentados de Bruselas. https://t.co/vJmiOuLJ3y https://t.co/yyLKVWNXli
The world is a cruel place #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/uMnBU80dXM
#JeSuisBruxelles What are we doing? HUMANITY https://t.co/wZzUF7WWN0
#JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/Jp5EE2aunm
Our thoughts are with the people of Belgium today. The terror will not stop the music. #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/z62kYcfBGR
I see humans but no humanity.. 💔 #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/9tJ1EF9fjN
Esto no es Islam. Estamos ante un mal sin nombre. #JeSuisBruxelles
Incluso si no existieran las religiones, si no existiera el Islám, los locos siempre tendrían alguna excusa para matar(4/4) #JeSuisBruxelles
Todo mi apoyo para el pueblo Belga en estos momentos tan difíciles #JeSuisBruxelles #PrayForBelgium https://t.co/GzQdwP2nwA
#JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/upnOEw9KXq
#22Mz Condenamos los ataques en Bruselas, la violencia no es el camino. Pésame y solidaridad #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/rnaqQ0Kv2u
Todo mi apoyo a las víctimas de los atentados en Bruselas All my support to victims of Brussels #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/gSYNp5lqHh
Nos sumamos a las condolencias por los atentados en Bruselas y nuestra solidaridad con las víctimas #JeSuisBruxelles https://t.co/jCYacyZhox
Réponse des belges à la violence... #jesuisbruxelles https://t.co/e02OyatGTx
#prayforbruxelles #jesuisbruxelles #mannekenpis #bruxelles#prayforbrussels 😱😱😱😱😢
Tout mon soutien aux amis belges. La France est avec vous ! #Belgium #belgique #attentatbruxelles https://t.co/0O5ZJsNawV
Mon coeur est à Bruxelles
Je suis Bruxelles ! 😢 #bestrong#JesuisBruxelles#IamBrussels
"22/03/2016 - Belgique" #illustration #belgique #résistance #attentat #attaque #terrorisme #mannekenpis #peace
Todos somos #Bruselas #JesuisBruxelles #Jesuisbelge
#bruxelles #belgique #attentats #explosion #aeroport #metro #triste #tragedie #debout #peace #peaceandlove #stop
🌑💛❤️ Carry on pissing them off. #jesuisbelge #jesuisbelgeunefois #jesuisbruxelles #bruxelles #brussels #bruxellesmabelle
Belgium piss on you terrorism! ✊✌ #marcsteiner #bruxelles #brussels #jesuisbruxelles #prayfirbrussels #mannekenpis #belgique #belgium #attentatbruxelles #zaventem
¡Ya basta, nunca podréis quitarnos la libertad! #JeSuisBruxelles
#Life & #Art must go on ... F*** #Terrorism ! #Art #JeSuisBruxelles #Zaventem #MannekenPis #NoAK47 #NoWar https://t.co/IuC40efj4v

"Don't let the evil actions of broken people define your view of our world," read one quote tweeted on Tuesday morning. "Don't be terrorized into a diluted, hopeless reality."

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Brussels Attacks: Social media reaction
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#JeSuisBruxelles trends in wake of Brussels bombings to show support for victims of attack
Do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place Brussels was. Not anymore, it is from a different world! U.S. must be vigilant and smart!
My heart & prayers go out to all of the victims of the terrible #Brussels tragedy. This madness must be stopped, and I will stop it.
Our hearts break for the men and women of Brussels this morning: https://t.co/Z3zl8ArMCG
These terrorists seek to undermine the democratic values that are the foundation of our way of life. They will never succeed. -H
We offer our deepest condolences to the families who lost loved ones in this barbaric attack and to the people of Brussels.
Gov. John Kasich's statement on the terrorist attacks in #Brussels. https://t.co/6gwCCMwJcy
We stand in solidarity with the people of #Brussels, and pray for the victims of this horrendous act of terror.
My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families who are impacted by the terrorist attacks in Brussels. #prayforbrussels
Praying for the victims, families and people of #Brussels following today’s brutal terror attacks. We must defeat radical Islamic terrorists
Statement by Attorney General @LorettaLynch on the terror attacks in Brussels https://t.co/s2A5RtUc8t https://t.co/3DsOe9W1pU
My condolences to the victims of this vicious attack along with their families and friends. Our thoughts & prayers are with Belgium today.
My thoughts are with the people of Belgium, and I join our European friends in their determination to combat the threat of terror.
.@JohnKerry was informed this morning of the terrorist bombings in Brussels. He is closely monitoring the situation, extends condolences.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Belgium.
My condolences to the families of those lost today and my prayers go out to all those who have been injured. (1/2)
The US and Europe must be united in striking ISIS wherever they seek safe haven to dismantle this terrorist threat once and for all. (2/2)
We stand with the people of Belgium. These horrible acts of terror and the resulting loss of life remind us we must be vigilant...
May the God of Israel bring peace and comfort to those who mourn from the senseless death and carnage in Brussels this morning.
I strongly condemn these hateful attacks. Our thoughts go out to the victims and their families. We stand united against terrorism.
I am shocked and concerned by the events in Brussels. We will do everything we can to help.
Translation: “Through the #Brussels attacks, the whole of Europe has been hit.”
I'm outraged and deeply saddened by the news that so many have been killed and injured in terrorist attacks targeting the people of Brussels
My thoughts with #Brussels and its citizens after these heinous attacks. Stay in a safe place, follow instructions of authorities
Terror will never win. #brusselsattack
my heart goes out to the people of #Brussels this morning
Woke up to the horrible, tragic news in Brussels. Heartbreaking. Sending much love and many prayers.
Waking up to this heartbreaking news this morning. My thoughts and prayers are with you today, #Brussels. 🙏🏼 https://t.co/pKeYIZf1ok
Good morning. Prayers with Brussels today.
Praying for peace around the world. Brussels my heart breaks for you.
I was supposed to be in the Beautiful city of Brussels soon...My heart is with you all.So terrible https://t.co/9c2SdYioGU
Sympathies, #Brussels. Keep strong & smart. As must we all. 🇧🇪 https://t.co/esLUUjoiMP
Beyond sad and outraged that the scourge of the earth continue to feel the need to kill innocent people everywhere. #Brussels #WeStandWithU
Prayers for #Brussels.
Waking up once again with a heavy heart. Thoughts and prayers for Brussels. https://t.co/KdCpqwZMD2
All we need is love in a time like this❤️ #LoveForAll #Brussels https://t.co/lztM5wMnC1
More violence. More innocent lives lost. More anguish. More anger. Only thing lessening is Hope. Heart goes out to all affected. #Brussels
I am extremely concerned for all caught up in unfolding events in Brussels. Solidarity with emergency services & those affected.
Woke to horrible news in Brussels. My heart and prayers to everyone. Hold your loved ones close every day.
Our thoughts are with the victims of these terrible attacks and with the people of Brussels. We stand with you today and always.
Prayers going out to everyone in Brussels this morning
We're deeply saddened by the news out of #Brussels today. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.
Thoughts and prayers to all our friends in Brussels. Shocking scenes in such a friendly and fun city.
Terrible acts of terrorism in #Brussels. Stand in solidarity with all those affected.
Thinking of our beautiful fans and everyone in #Brussels . Please be careful. Please. ❤️
My heart goes out to Brussels. What a horrific tragedy. #prayforbrussels
Praying for Brussels
Terrorism is one of the scariest things. It does not function like anything else in this world.… https://t.co/fL96Cevclp
Video shared by @ABconcerts shows some of the solidarity messages in chalk that have appeared in central Brussels https://t.co/xB5WzXxxce
Our hearts are with you, #Brussels. Art by @geesubay https://t.co/9yPaIOdlu2
My heart goes out to all effected by the terrorist attacks in #Brussels. Too much hate and disregard for all life in this world. It's sad
Saddened to wake up to this news. Hard to believe there is so much hate in this world when all you want to believe in is the good.
My heart is broken. These events have eternal impact on the lives of countless people. #Brussels, you're in my prayers

Almost instantly, thousands of black, yellow and red hearts flooded timelines with the #JeSuisBruxelles hashtag, along with cartoons of the Parisian flag hugging a crying Belgium flag, prayers from across the globe and inspiring quotes to uplift those inflicted by the latest atrocities to strike the world.

"This is not Islam," read multiple tweets, in several languages, using the #JeSuisBruxelles:

It was yet another devastating moment of terror throughout the nation, which has been on high alert since the Paris terror attacks in November, and even more so after authorities captured Europe's most wanted man, Salah Abdeslam, one of the people behind last year's coordinated attacks, in Brussels last week.

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