Japan is making a Resident Evil musical, which is like their Hamilton, we think

So far, the process of adapting video games to another medium has mostly been a failure. There really hasn't been "great" video game movie and, though some upcoming projects seem promising, most video game movie adaptations are seen as pointless exercises in mediocrity (at best.) But leave it to Japan to try something outside the box for their next video game adaptation attempt, utilizing the form that is GUARANTEED to not end in failure: musical theater!

Yes, believe it or not, the gory horror fest that is Resident Evil is coming to the stage, with a musical entitled, umm, Musical Resident Evil. Yeah, pretty literal but, hey, it gets the job done. And in fairness to Japan, it's likely going to be called Musical Bio Hazard there to match the rest of the franchise, which is infinitely cooler for some reason. And a band name that we totally are calling, by the way.

The musical will be headed by writer director G2, which is the name of an actual human being who works in the theater apparently. Starring in the production will be actress Reon Kuzuki, who is the lead of the all female Takarazuka Revue. The story will not be based on any of the games, instead telling an "original story." But if you're worried that Resident Evil flavor won't be there, Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is on board to supervise the production, so crisis averted!

According to Kotaku the play is set to run in Tokyo throughout September and October, before moving to Osaka in November. I meanwhile will be exploring ways to secure safe passage to Tokyo for every single performance, so wish me luck!
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