Hotel chain invents 'duvet suit,' the ultimate ensemble for bed heads


If getting out of bed has never been your cup of tea, it appears as though one company has heard your cries, making it so you never technically have to.

Jury's Inn, a British hotel chain, has concocted the perfect solution with 'The Suvet,' an ensemble which they claim is half suit, half duvet.

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According to The Sun, "Creators worked alongside fashion designer Wendy Benstead, who took inspiration from quilted clothing in the final look."

With its highly-padded collar and pillow-esque lining, the Suvet looks almost as absurd as it sounds. The cloud-on-the-go comes with two coordinating pieces, is 100% cotton and features a belt to make sure your waist is still accentuated.

Although it might be a PR gimmick, the head of marketing for Jury's Inn claimed that while they have only created a prototype, "If there is enough interest in this ... we will definitely consider putting a limited edition run into production."

After gaining traction on the Internet, fans of the idea have taken to social media to express their obsession with the concept of never having to leave their bed.

See some of the best reaction to The Suvet below.

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