DJ duo Firebeatz is dedicated to staying unique, upbeat and devoted to the fans

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There are plenty of words that could be used to describe Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, otherwise known as the beloved DJ duo, Firebeatz -- energetic, innovative, talented, successful, unique. And while all of these words are true to their characters both as people and as musicians, the word most easily used to describe them is dedicated.

The pair gets to tour the world, going from New York to Japan showcasing the music they live to create (and have fun doing it) -- and they recognize that they have their fans to thank.'s editors had the privilege to sit down with the Tim and Jurre at Ultra Miami 2016 to see how they felt about the festival, their fans and what awaits them in their fruitful career.

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Thanks so much for sitting down with us! We're really excited to talk to you! Let's start by talking about the firetruck and what you're going to do today with it!

Tim: Actually, it's a pretty cool stunt! We've got a firetruck, we're going to hand out all new [merchandise], we just did a rebranding with the logo and visuals for the show, website, everything. I want to show people the new stuff by showing them Firebeatz merch and the best way to do it is on a firetruck.

That sounds so awesome. How'd you guys think of it?

Tim: Actually, Katie and Kim, our team, came up with the idea and we really loved it instantly.

That's so cool. Have you done any previous stunts similar to this? Or is this the first in-real-life experience?

Jurre: Well, we always try to do creative stuff, different than anything else out there. But I think this is definitely a really unique one.

For sure -- I know I've never seen anything like this! What makes the Miami music scene different than other places?

Jurre: It's just a good vibe. Everybody hangs around, everybody's premiering new music. We're hanging out with all the DJs.

Tim: Networking!

Jurre: Yes, and having fun! It's definitely a good time.

Is there anyone performing that you guys are excited to see as personal fans?

Tim: We went to [Eric] Prydz 2 nights ago and that was super fun. Everything about his show -- there were lasers, it was in the art district of Miami.

Jurre: Yeah, it was really dope! We were also really excited to see Prodigy, but they canceled!

Awesome! So, I know this is a really close community and you've worked with so many of the people here -- what's it like being able to hang out with your friends and work with them? Is it all work, no play?

Tim: It's more play than work! No, but it goes hand in hand.

That's awesome! So especially over the last few years, since you guys have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media -- what is it like to be able to interact with your fans pretty much at any time? How do you take advantage of that?

Jurre: Social media is very important, and because of our fans, we're touring around the world. They're very important to us. Like you say, it's good to be able to interact with them and keep in touch. It's very, very cool.

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With your fans in real life, what's your favorite thing about them?

Jurre: Their dedication.

Tim: Yeah, for sure. Our fans in particular are just energetic kids. We love to play and make music for them, because they just give all the energy back that we need to go out there every day. And they're the reason we can do what we do. They gave us this opportunity and we're really thankful for that.

Besides Miami, is there any city in the world that you feel like has such a great vibe?

Tim: New York!

Where do you play in New York?

Jurre: We just did the Hammerstein Ballroom!

Tim: Yeah and the Roseland Ballroom, Electric Zoo, EDC.

That's great. Is there one thing from each of you that your fans don't know?

Jurre: Well, he boxes and I play soccer, but we've shared that a lot lately. So maybe they know already -- but maybe not!

So, we're already 3 months into 2016 -- what are you guys excited for the back 9 months of the year?

Tim: Studio sessions, we're going to do that in April. 3 weeks of studio time, just working on new material and collaborations. And the rest of the year, touring because we have such a busy schedule. We're going to hit Japan for the first time, so we're really excited about that. This life in general is pretty exciting, so the next 9 months will be crazy.

Are there any other countries besides Japan that you haven't played yet that you'd like to in the coming years?

Tim: New Zealand!

Jurre: Some countries in South America -- Peru would be cool!

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