Brussels explosions: Witnesses describe chaos of airport, subway blasts

Explosions Rock Brussels Airport
Explosions Rock Brussels Airport

Multiple people are dead or wounded after explosions rocked Brussels airport and the city's subway Tuesday morning.

Here's how the story is unfolding according to people at the scene.

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Eyewitness Jef Versele was at the airport heading on a business trip to Rome. He arrived at the terminal at 8:10 a.m., when he heard the first blast.

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"Soon after that one a second one hit — and everything came down," he told NBC News. "There was dust everywhere, glass everywhere. There was chaos, there was people on the floor everywhere. The ceilings came down. It was quite a mess."

"A lot of people were in panic," Versele said. "I saw a lot of blood, a lot of people were injured. People were crying, on the floor, covered by parts of the roofing.

"I saw a lot of leg injuries, a lot of people couldn't move anymore. There were quite a lot of people injured. In the departure hall -- you saw people storming out. It was like run for your life."

Federal police later confirmed an explosion at the Maalbeek metro station, located near European Union buildings.

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