Airport worker hailed a hero after pulling people to safety in Brussels

Airport Worker Pulls Injured to Safety in Brussels
Airport Worker Pulls Injured to Safety in Brussels

Amid the horror of the Brussels attacks in Belgium Tuesday morning, glimpses of humanity emerged.

One man at the airport has been hailed a hero on social media for pulling several people to safety.

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A worker known as Alphonse was wrapping bags at the check in desk when the explosions happened, according to a BBC reporter. He rushed to help seven wounded people.

Alphonse, whose bright yellow trousers were smeared with blood, told a reporter for The Wall Street Journal he heard several bangs, one that might have been a gunshot and another that was much louder.

"I saw people lying on the ground with a lot of blood who weren't moving any more," he said. He carried injured people into elevators to get them away from the scene.

He was praised for his actions, with one person declaring, "people like Alphonse make the world beautiful."

The airport worker isn't the only hero to emerge from the attacks.

City residents who live near metro stations and airports offered accommodation to anyone affected, along with the hashtags #PorteOuverte and #ikwilhelpen, while at Maelbeek metro travellers helped each other out to the open air.

Also see how the world reacted to the attacks in Brussels:

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