McDonald's is trying to recruit more Japanese staff with this bizarre anime ad

McDonald's Putting Chocolate on Fries in Japan
McDonald's Putting Chocolate on Fries in Japan

McDonald's wants to hire more Millennials as part-time staff in Japan, so it created an anime mini-series to help drum up interest.

The first ad to be released is a classic coming-of-age drama, showing one young woman's journey from nervous novice to confident burger merchant.

The fast food company invested heavily in the recruitment drive. It has created eight anime videos with the help of Studio Colorido, according to The Drum.

The voice acting in the ads comes from the massive Japanese pop group AKB48 (there are more than 140 members).

See a scene-by-scene GIF guide to the first ad below.

A teenager arrives at McDonalds. She pauses to take it all in.

She spots a job ad on the window, but looks inexplicably terrified when the manager offers her a shift.

Things get worse when a customer asks her to smile.

The manager sticks up for the new employee by embarrassing the boys — proving that the customer is not always right.

She then gets to work, using an incredible pentagonal sauce dispenser.

But then falls dramatically, somehow holding onto the fries.

Her eyes turn into weird spirals, so the manager tries to soothe her.

A burger gets made, so everyone relaxes.

She successfully completes an order without dropping anything, while her manager peers round the corner.

It cuts to a strawberry milkshake.

After this, the new employee is suddenly incredibly happy about her new job. "You've really had impact on me," she tells her manager.

She's rewarded with a new uniform.

And then spots someone looking at a new job ad. So, the cycle starts again.

Watch the full video with English subtitles below:

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