Get enchanted in Portland with this tiny cabin in the woods

Portland Examining Affordable Housing Options
Portland Examining Affordable Housing Options

Do you ever wish sometimes you could just escape your hectic daily life and retreat somewhere completely isolated, like the woods -- but then you realize that even if you could do that, it would only be for a little while and you'd want to return back to civilization soon thereafter?

This tiny cabin home in Portland allows you to do both of those things.

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At just over 900 square feet, this fairytale-esque cabin is whimsically painted blue with red accents, complemented by an old-school wooden porch that really gives it a true outdoorsy feel.

Actually, nearly everything in the home (walls, countertops, floors, window panes) are made of wood--even the walls in the kitchen are planks of wood that have been dyed blue.

This solid two-bedroom cabin comes with a newly renovated kitchen and bathroom, as well as a lovely brick fireplace in the living room.

The best part about this perfect little place is probably its location.

When you're sitting on the porch or nestled up inside the home, you truly feel as if you've found your little rustic getaway, surrounded by greenery and wood as if you were in some uncharted forest far away.

But when you get your head unwrapped from your imagination,you'll realize that you're a mere few blocks from all of he restaurants, parks and social scene that Portland has to offer.

Privacy accompanied by accessibility for under $300K? Count us in!

Take a look at the woodsy little pad below:

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