Colorado landlord refuses to rent to Donald Trump supporters

Wilbur Ross: Get Used to Donald Trump
Wilbur Ross: Get Used to Donald Trump

Mark Holmes, a landlord in Grand Junction, Colorado, knows what he stands for.

Earlier this month, Holmes posted an ad in The Nickel for an apartment for rent. The apartment boasts "2 bedrooms ... organic garden space, hot tub, [and a] great back yard."

The only caveat: "If voting for Donald Trump, do not call!"

See images of Muslim's responses to Trump:

"I didn't want to live with somebody that is going to vote for Donald Trump, they're just not my kind of person," Holmes told 9 News in Colorado. The apartment is above his own.

"I guess I did it because I want America to wake up, and I know that I can't change people's vote but any vote for Donald Trump is in the way wrong direction," he added.

The Fair Housing Act prohibits certain types of discrimination against renters, but does not cover blocking them based on political affiliation.

Legal or not, Holmes has reportedly found a renter.

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