7 transitional spring wardrobe pieces you need in your closet

7 Items You Need for Your Spring Wardrobe
7 Items You Need for Your Spring Wardrobe

I'm pretty sure we all love spring and fall for their gorgeous, temperate days (that yes, can sometimes be unpredictable) but while there's nothing quite like seeing the first flowers bloom after a frigid New York winter, you can't break out the sundresses and sandals just yet.

Spring is a time for ditching the coat and just wearing your favorite sweater on a chilly day, or throwing on that dress you just can't wait to wear and pairing it with boots and a leather jacket.

There are a few key items that will help get you through the transitional days that March brings, and these are our top 7. Extend the life of both your winter and summer wardrobes with these pieces that will help you go from 45 degrees on Tuesday to 70 on Wednesday.

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