7 tips for brighter looking eyes

Ditch the Tired Look with These 7 Tips for Brighter Looking Eyes

There's nothing worse than looking in the mirror after an all-nighter. Maybe you were cramming for an exam or maybe the DJ kept spinning your favorite song. Either way, were not judging, but there are some ways to brighten the look of your eyes.

  1. White eyeliner: Line the inner and outer corner of your eyes with white eyeliner -- it may sound strange, but it give your eyes the perfect boost.
  2. Cold cucumbers: Got 5 minutes? Always keep cucumbers in the fridge because this trick really works. Place them on your eyes to reduce puffiness and wake you right up.
  3. Eyelash curler: Get the look of brighter eyes by curling your eyelashes, making your eyes seem more open.
  4. Mascara: Use mascara to add to the brightness -- but go with waterproof or by midday the mascara could stain your under eyes.
  5. Highlighter: Use a highlighter under your eyes to fake brightness. (This hack works so well Sephora literally has hundreds of highlighters on their site to choose from!)
  6. Bold eyebrows: Fill in your brows with a brow pencil. The added drama will life your eyelids and draw attention upwards, and away from dark circles.
  7. A splash of cold water: And there's always the cold water trick -- splash cold water on your face and see how far that gets you first.

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