3 hot beauty trends: The ultimate spring makeup reboot

3 hot beauty trends: the ultimate spring makeup reboot
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3 hot beauty trends: The ultimate spring makeup reboot

Highlighter Eyes

Vibrant shadow has been our winter go-to for adding a pop of color to smoky eyes. But now, with a hint of chrome, brightly winged lids are without a doubt the most eye-catching look for spring.
Start by creating a bold teal cat eye.

Celebrity makeup artist Sir John recommends patting teal eye shadow over the liner to seal the shade and make it extra opaque.

Next, add silver liner to your inner corners and to the center of each lid. Again, pat with silver shadow to enhance the metallic tone.

Now add a swipe of violet liner on the lower lash line and a coat of black mascara for the perfect finish.

Peek-a-boo Pastel-Pink Highlights

Pastel shades from lilac to baby blue continue to reign supreme among hair colorists -- especially as we move into music festival season. The peek-a-boo approach is our favorite way to test out the look, and blush pink is our go-to hue. 

Start by sectioning your hair. Use the bottom of your ears as a guide for separating your strands, and pin up pieces you don’t intend to color.

Pro Tip: For best results with this shade, celebrity colorist Kari Hill recommends only coloring blond hair or light-brown hair that’s been pre-lightened. 

Next, use the directions to make sure you mix your favorite pastel-pink color correctly, and then apply it to your hair in one-inch pieces.

Let it set for 20 minutes before rinsing, conditioning and styling. Then, play with different hairstyles that highlight your colorful coif.

Layered Lips

We’re obsessed with this easy way to perfect your pout for spring. Layering two different lip colors lets you create your own custom hue.
To achieve this fiery color, swipe a magenta-pink matte gloss across your lower lip and apply a red matte gloss to your top lip.
Then, use what Sir John calls “the peanut butter and jelly, or PB&J,” technique to blend the two shades into one. Simply press your lips together (as if you were blotting on a tissue), but don’t rub them from side to side. 

Now that you’ve got the know-how, it’s time to give these bold beauty looks a try.

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By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

With temperatures beginning to rise, we can look forward to shedding winter layers and reinventing our look for spring. Think lighter and brighter -- and this goes for more than just your wardrobe. It's the time to give your beauty kit a quick pick-me-up, too.

Keep it simple, or go bold -- think a peek-a-boo pink highlight for your hair or a vibrant multi-tonal look for your eyes. Need a little inspiration? No problem. Above, check out our three favorite beauty looks, plus easy how-to tips straight from the L'Oréal Paris Glam Squad to help you create the effect on your own.

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