Rescued wide-eyed slow loris staring at caretaker will melt your heart

Rescued Wide-Eyed Slow Loris Staring At Caretaker Will Melt Your Heart

A baby slow loris named Pasar was recently rescued from the cruel reality of the wildlife trade on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Less than two months old, the tiny, wide-eyed primate was taken out of the wild, shoved into a box with others and then transported to an animal market.

On top of that, Pasar had his canine teeth cut out so as to make him defenseless. This typical form of torture frequently results in death.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated towards our recent rescue of baby Pasar.Pasar was rescued alongside four...

Posted by International Animal Rescue on Friday, March 18, 2016

But Pasar chose life—hanging on until a raid by Indonesian authorities rescued the lorises from the market where they were being sold.

He's currently being cared for by International Animal Rescue where he's said to be constantly crying out for his mother.

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