Is it ever too late to go back to school? 11 adult college students say no

Education is important -- especially in an increasingly competitive society. However, there isn't one formula for getting the education you require: Not everyone's order of events is 1) high school 2) college 3) graduate school. Whether you couldn't afford college when you were 18, you went to college but want to go back for a different degree, or any other slew of reasons, there is absolutely no wrong way to get yourself a higher education.

And several people live to tell the tale: 11 adult college students took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain what it's like being in school at a later age.

1. Your classmates might not see you as a peer right away:


2. Your maturity in comparison to your classmates might make you protective over them:


3. The importance of feeling fulfilled is more important than a preemptive social anxiety:


4. Even if you feel like you're in arrested development, you're actually doing a lot to better yourself:

Sucks starting over at age 27, back in college still living with parents. I hope I have it together by 30.

5. There's no use in focusing on the negative, when there's really so much positive that goes into achieving a higher education:


6. Any transition is an adjustment, even if you feel like you're too old to be shocked by it:

back in school after 8 years off. I

7. Balancing all of your responsibilities is tough, but you can do it for all the things you love:


8. You may learn things about yourself that you otherwise never would have known:

9. There is no one stereotypical student:


10. Don't let the fear of flunking out keep you from taking the test!


11. You might realize just how much has changed since you were in school...


This isn't even the half of it -- check out what other adult college students had to say on Whisper!

Thinking about going back to school? Maybe some of this advice will resonate with you:

Tips For Adults Going Back To School

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