Huge heroin shipment intercepted at convenience store in Canada

Huge Heroin Shipment Intercepted At Convenience Store In Canada
Huge Heroin Shipment Intercepted At Convenience Store In Canada

The Calgary Police Service in Canada is currently looking for the owner of some missing property.

But here's the rub: the property is about 600,000 Canadian dollars or 460,000 US dollars worth of heroin.

On Friday, March 11, employees at a convenience store noticed strange parcels addressed to "Navi" inside a pre-made food shipment that was being unpacked, so they called the police.

The Calgary Fire Department and EMS personnel responded to the call as well.

Upon investigation, the police determined that two heat-sealed bags containing around four and a half pounds of heroin had been sent to the store.

And, though originally from California, authorities are unsure as to when exactly the drugs were added to the food shipment.

"Navi" is being urged to come forward and claim the heroin, however, the police caution that there is, "...some jeopardy attached."

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