Actual cat burglar gets caught stealing dozens of men's underwear

Cat Stealing Male Underwear from Neighbors

This kleptomaniac kitty's got a lot of explaining to do.

Brigit, a 6-year-old Tonkinese cat, has been caught stealing men's underpants and socks by her owner, Sarah Nathan. Brigit, , has stolen 11 pairs of boxers and more than 50 pairs of socks since January, Nathan tells theNew Zealand Herald.

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Nathan has been attempting to returning her neighbors' clothing by placing notes in mailboxes, to no avail. Due to her cat's increasing burglary behaviors, she has taken to Reddit to notify owners (and shame her feline) so they can collect their intimates.

Are you missing Underwear?

Nathan says that in a previous home the cat wouldn't be particular in what she stole — most Tonkinese cats are nocturnal hunters — but she has developed a curious taste of late.

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"She was much less discerning, now she's decided menswear is the thing, and it's a very specific kind of underpants that she likes," Nathan said.

And Brigit, like any good thief, prefers matching socks.

"One will be at the front door and one will be at the back door - so she's obviously gone back to get the matching sock," Nathan said.

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Brigit and her owner will be moving homes soon, so Nathan hopes her little burglar will develop new interests soon.

"Hopefully there's something there she can find to catch, but if not we may have to stash some undies around the farm to keep her stimulated," Nathan said.

Or there's always shoplifter's anonymous.

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