Discovery of viking crucifix may rewrite history of Christianity in Denmark

Discovery Of Viking Crucifix May Rewrite History Of Christianity In Denmark

A 10th century crucifix found by a man with a metal detector could end up rewriting the history of Christianity in Denmark.

The gold pendant was recently discovered near a church on the island of Funen.

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Experts have since examined the piece and believe it dates back to between 900 and 950 AD.

If they are correct, that will make it the oldest representation of Christ on a cross known to the area.

At present, that distinction goes to the Jelling Stones, two large carved pieces in Jutland that were raised in 965 AD.

While Christian missionaries began attempting to convert the Vikings in the 700s, the faith didn't become popular until the 11th century.

This discovery could indicate the Danish adoption of the religion began earlier than believed.

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