12 ways meditation can solve more problems than you realize

Everyone has his or her own way of coping with everyday stress, turmoil and tragedy. Whether you choose to see a psychologist, or find a more unique outlet in nature, there's really no wrong way to take care of yourself to remain happy and healthy. An increasingly popular way to find peace and stability that several people use is meditation.

Skeptical about the peaceful practice? Maybe these 12 people who took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to explain exactly why they turn to meditation.

1. Sometimes, you just need to look within yourself to find the confidence you need:

Meditation and envisioning the life I truly want has done so much for my self confidence

2. There's nothing like being at peace with yourself to make you more at peace with others:

Since I

3. There's no more magic to negative energy than there is to positive energy -- so spread that positivity!

Meditation has single handedly taught me self control and anger management!! It

4. When it's working for you, meditation will make you realize you don't need a substance to feel good:

Meditation is the is a health spa of the mind. It

5. Once you find a healthy outlet to fulfill you, it's good to implement it into your life more permanently:

Meditation has helped with my pain, so this year I will find time to meditate every day.

6. Although it's good to find contentedness through a healthy practice, you shouldn't solely rely on it for happiness:

Sometimes it feels like the only happiness I have is when I meditate.

7. The best outlets may come to you in ways you'd never expect:

I never used to think meditation actually did anything, until I had to do it at one of my anxiety classes. It helps, even if only for just a brief moment.

8. Self-control can help you through so many negative obstacles:

Meditation changed my life. I used to have low self esteem but since I

9. There's no better feeling than getting back into a practice you once loved:


10. You can heal yourself through meditation in even the most difficult of struggles:

Meditation has changed my life. It helped me through my divorce and now I make sure to do it everyday

11. Get to know yourself better so you can forgive yourself for the things plaguing you:

Meditate=being able to relax and forgive yourself for your minds wandering. It

12. It's funny when you realize that things that once felt so big are actually so small:

Meditation is like reducing my ocean of thought into one droplet.

Hear more from meditators by checking out Whisper for yourself!

Check out how much meditation can reduce stress:

How Meditation Relieves Stress

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