10 bizarre foods you'll only see in Japan

10 Bizarre Foods You'll Only See In Japan

Most countries have food favorites that may not appeal to dwellers of other nations. Japan is not only among them, it seems to have one of the more lush supplies of unique local fare.

Here are 10 bizarre foods you'll only see there.

Number 10. Square Watermelon. The fruit is carefully grown in cubes, forcing the melon to conform to the shape of the container. Unfortunately, the process compromises their flavor, but that doesn't stop people from shelling out big money to grab one for decorating or gifting purposes.

Number 9. Canned Bread. Vending machines are wildly popular in Japan, and bread in a can is but one of the many items on offer in them. Flavor options vary, but historically have included raisin and orange.

Number 8. Tamagogani. Reach for a bag of these dried little hermit crabs. Some makers even throw in a bit of sugar, resulting in a treat that is both sweet and savory.

Number 7. Wasp Crackers. Insects are high in nutritional value and wasps are basically just jerks, so these nibbles are really a win win. The airborne nuisances are captured, boiled, and dried. They're then thrown in to the batter and baked to a crisp golden brown.

Number 6. Mountain Dew Cheetos. Of course, they have the beloved beverage's sweet, citrus flavor, but they also carry a kick few first-timers likely expect. The puffs are carbonated, giving the surprising simultaneous sensations of both fizz and crunch.

Number 5. Basashi Ice Cream. The base flavor is plain old vanilla, but the chewy inclusions are something decidedly less mainstream – raw horsemeat. One upside is that the equine flesh is very lean, making it a fairly health-conscious option.

Number 4. Shirako. While that translates as 'white children,' what it really means is sperm sac. The material is extracted from cod and, depending upon the cook, served up raw or cooked. Some describe the texture as 'creamy' while others have less favorable words for the dish.

Number 3. Spaghetti Popsicles. A big, frozen chunk of blended pasta and red sauce sounds horrifying, but these icy treats are more of a take on the idea of spaghetti. There is tomato involved, however it's sweetened up considerably.

Number 2. Mayonnaise Milkshake. Clearly, Japan is not a nation to hold back when experimenting with frozen desserts. So, why not take mayonnaise, one of the nation's most popular condiments, and blend it up with some ice cream? No doubt, it makes for one very creamy drink.

Number 1. Dancing Squid. If you like your seafood fresh, this could be the dish for you. The creature is presented shortly after being rendered dead, and as such still has active muscle cells. When soy sauce is poured over the squid, those cells respond to the salt, and the legs begin to flail about.

Which Japanese food do you find most bizarre?

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