White Sox players rally behind player who retired over son's banishment from clubhouse

Sale Says White Sox GM Lied to Team
Sale Says White Sox GM Lied to Team

White Sox management may not be a huge fan of Adam LaRoche after his sudden retirement, which was brought on by the team's request that the first baseman not bring his son into the clubhouse as much. But his Chicago teammates? Different story.

Starting pitcher Chris Sale spoke out against team president Ken Williams, saying he told a "bold-faced lie" about limiting the 14-year-old's access to the team's clubhouse.

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The ace hung Drake LaRoche's jerseys in his locker after the news emerged earlier this week.

This isn't us rebelling against rules," Sale said, according to the Los Angeles Times. "This is us rebelling against B.S."

Williams reportedly asked LaRoche to limit his son's presence around the team after he'd been at camp "100 percent of the time"

Just talked to #White Sox president Ken Williams. Here is what he told me about LaRoche:"There has been no policy...

Posted by Ken Rosenthal on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Adam Eaton, the White Sox's player union representative said he's looking into filing a grievance against the club, since the White Sox voided a contractual agreement to let Drake in the clubhouse.

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