Here's how 8 different people spent $100 at the grocery store

Smart Hacks For Saving Money At The Grocery Store
Smart Hacks For Saving Money At The Grocery Store

The amount you spend per trip to the grocery store depends on so many elements.

You may only be buying groceries for one person if you live alone, where other people's needs and preferences don't factor into your budget. If you're grocery shopping for a family, it gets more complicated.

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Plus, we all know that even if you guesstimate, no two grocery store trips ever cost the exact same amount.

So, if you were given $100 to grocery shop, how would you spend it?

Is $100 way over your budget or is that about how much you normally spend?

Would you have to start cutting things off your list or would it give you wiggle room for a few indulgent items?

The Simple Dollar wanted to know the answers, too. So, they gave $100 to eight different people of various ages and socioeconomic status, set them free and told them to grocery shop. They taped the results, of course.

One said that $100 translated to "one frivolous night of indulgence," while another budgeted almost half of the money towards fresh produce.

Oh, and a $62 bottle of wine was on someone's list. Cheers!

Watch the video below to see what happened:

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