Dylan Dauzat reveals the one charitable cause close to his heart

Dylan Dauzat is proving himself to be more than just a social media star. The young YouTuber may be best known for his viral videos that have garnered him over 5 million collective followers, but Dauzat is also involved with a number of charity organizations centered on children. His charitable passions have proven to be the most rewarding project that has come out of his social media career.

In the last year he has partnered with both the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and DoSomething.org, where he has visited children's hospitals to meet his fans and spend time with those battling serious illnesses. It's something Dylan claims will be very much a part of his future as he grows his social media and on-camera presence.

We recently spoke to Dylan about what the future holds for him, his career, and his volunteer work. Ahead, find out how what his next big moves are.

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What has life been like since becoming a social media star? What is it like to balance being a normal teenager with your Internet stardom?
I really don't remember doing anything before this, you know? It's really hard to remember day-to-day life before me being on social media. I feel like this is my life now, so I just do what I have to do and that's my new normal.

And in terms of next steps, I do see college some where in my life, I don't know when. Right now I'm focusing on a lot of different things. I see myself going day by day with social media and enjoying the moment while it lasts.

What has it been like to be for your people you've grown up with -- how have they reacted to your rise to fame?
It's very normal. Everyone by now knows what I do and it's nothing bad. I'm from a very small area, so it's strange that people around me can always see what I do for a living. At first, I think it was so different that people really didn't understand what it was that I was doing, but over time they got used to it. I mean, it's never been a priority of mine to make them happy, you know? I've always focused on what I love to do.

You're making a big move soon to L.A. What has that process been like for you?
It's very hard. But every opportunity is out there so it's not making sense for me to stay here. I feel like it's going to be very helpful to me and my career to move out to L.A. I don't know if it's going to be a permanent home for me, but I know in my life I'm going to be there a lot.

What's your mindset going into the move?
I'm excited -- a little nervous, but I think that's coming from me being so excited.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
I see myself living in LA, probably on the outskirts of it city. I see myself on lots of land with some four-wheelers and jet skis, and loving my life just a little bit more.

In the past, you've worked with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and DoSomething, what charitable projects are you most passionate about?
So I did work with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is part of the Saint Jude's Hospital. So I was visiting children over there. I have a really big place in my heart for kids who aren't capable of doing things that other people can do. I'm all about making others happy and the fact that you go in there and give them anything is great, even if it's just a smile. So that's what I love to do. DoSomething was once again centered on kids. I always see myself doing this in the future but on a much bigger scale; I have so many more things planned and so many more people I want to help.

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