Dylan Dauzat is the YouTuber everyone should be on the lookout for

Dylan Dauzat has been on the social scene for a few years now, gaining the attention of almost two million fans on Vine, one million on Instagram, and half a million on Twitter. But recently, Dauzat has decided to leave his Vine days behind him, focusing more on longer-length and more creative videos that can be found on his Facebook and YouTube pages. These lengthy features paint Dylan in a different light -- fans can expect to see a more personal side of Dylan they've never seen before. And if his growing fan base is any indication, Dylan's YouTube videos are sure to blow up more than his Vine features ever did.

But Dylan knows that at the end of the day, his fans matter more than any video view. So his newest projects almost always find a way to make them part of the action, whether it's opening up his favorite Snapchats from followers or reading their sometimes crazy fan fiction stories aloud. It's a testament to the fact that Dylan's fans always come first -- end of story.

We recently caught up with the social creator and asked him all about his fans, why he decided to make the switch from Vine to Youtube, and more!

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How you started getting into social media in the first place?

It was all an experiment. I was trying to really expand my horizons and explore my self a little bit more to see what I could do. So I got on YouTube and then from there went to Vine. My Vine just blew up -- it was pretty unexpected. Because of that, it has gotten me a lot of places and it has given me a platform to start posting on YouTube again since I'm not really posting on Vine anymore.

Why did you decide to shift from Vine to Youtube?
I feel like on Vine, I can really explore the creative process more than I can on YouTube. Plus, it's a little bit easier to film a Vine and I'd rather do more complex things. It's a lot more fun for me to sit down, film, and go back and edit then to do the whole process in one go.

Did you ever have a viral video that made you realize that being on social media would be a bigger deal for your career than you anticipated?
Not really because everything grew gradually and I was getting used to it continually. I never actually realized how big it was until I met my fans in person. And when I first met them, it was really humbling. Although, it was confusing at first because it's just someone coming up to you, asking if your Dylan Dauzat and asking for a picture, yet you have no idea who they are. But it was a really awesome and a humbling experience.

You have a really dedicated fan base. How would you describe your relationship with them?
We're close. They know a lot of things about me and I'm always there to make them happy, so it works both ways. They make me happy and I make them happy.

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