Americans are ordering this item as a side at McDonald's and it's the best food hack of 2016

All-Day Breakfast Have Become a Total Nightmare for McDonald's Workers
All-Day Breakfast Have Become a Total Nightmare for McDonald's Workers

The latest trend in fast-food: burgers with a side of McMuffin.

"Believe it or not, you may find some people order a lunch entree and ordering a Egg McMuffin sandwich as an add-on," said McDonald's CFO Kevin Ozan in a Tuesday conference hosted by Bank of America, reports Quartz.

As someone who has done exactly that, I believe it -- and recommend it.

McDonald's breakfast offerings are the perfect companion to many of the chain's lunch and dinner dishes.

The classic McMuffin isn't going to provide a full lunch or dinner, but it is one of the most reliable items on the menu -- far tastier, I would argue, than any McDonald's burger or grilled chicken dish and healthier than any fried chicken sandwich.

Ditching the Canadian bacon, the dish is actually one of the healthiest on McDonald's menu, clocking in at 14 grams of protein and 280 calories.

While I realize this may be a controversial opinion, I believe that McDonald's truly shines outside the burger category. Getting a little package of protein with the McMuffin frees you up to go wild with fries (McDonald's true star), a small serving of Chicken McNuggets, or shakes with less guilt and gastronomical struggles.

All-day breakfast additionally increases options for vegetarians trying to find something to order at the chain. Most of McDonald's protein options are meat-based, while a simple Egg McMuffin provides a new way to build a vegetarian meal.

Personally, in my week of vegetarianism, one of my best-structured meals was a McMuffin, hash brown, and Southwest salad from McDonald's.

While we're on the topic of hash browns, let me take a moment to say that the inclusion of all-day breakfast in traditional lunches and dinners should not stop with the McMuffin.

McDonald's hash brown is a fantastic side substitute all day long. While they aren't packed with nutritional value, at 150 calories per serving, they're lower calorie than a small fries (230 calories) or mozzarella sticks (200 calories, pre-marinara sauce). McDonald's "healthy" sides are hit or miss, most hovering somewhere near "flavorless" on a good day. The hash brown hits a sweet spot between health and delicious fried potato.

Whether you're ordering a Big Mac with a hash brown or a Shamrock Shake with fries and a McMuffin, I encourage you to remember that meal-constraints are a mere social construct. All-day breakfast means not simply eating breakfast for dinner -- it means eating dinner with a side of breakfast.

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