We're never too Busy for spring shopping

Spring has officially arrived (or so we're telling ourselves), and that means it's time to update our wardrobe with lightweight sweaters, cropped pants, pastels and (FINALLY!) cute sandals. There's something magical about making the switch from parkas to trench coats, and we aren't the only people who feel that way. Busy Phillips, one of our favorite funny women in Hollywood, pokes fun at the excitement for the season change in her latest short film for LOFT.

The clothing brand partnered with Philipps last fall to produce a hilarious short about an overzealous Busy jumping the gun on her fall wardrobe. The actress stars in and directs the short videos herself, and this spring's short is just as entertaining as autumn's. A satirical look at spring cleaning and the Marie Kondo craze sweeping the nation, Philipps takes her de-cluttering to an entirely new level, of course sporting adorable pieces from LOFT's spring 2016 collection throughout.

We chatted with the comedienne on the phone about her latest short film and her real-life zest for the season changes. "I love the idea that people get excited about the seasons changing," Philipps said, "And I just totally loved the idea of my character going overboard with the things bringing me joy and getting rid of everything. She totally misses the point of the Marie Kondo book and throws out all her husband's clothes."

Busy Philipps for LOFT
Busy Philipps for LOFT

When asked about her own personal style, Philipps told us that her love for LOFT stems from her need for functionality as a mom. "I have two small people that I have to take care of all the time," she said, "so, you know, I think the reason LOFT does really well for women who are mothers is that you want to be practical and cute and wear things your kids can smash a banana into and it's not going to ruin your entire day," she laughed.

The actress and director looks to other celebrity moms' style like Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore for fashion inspiration. "I've always admired the way SJP puts herself together and her casual vibe," she said. "She's a perfect example of someone who lives her normal life when she's not on the red carpet -- she's not afraid of jeans and a cardigan and Ugg boots." Philipps believes it's important for women to be true to themselves when it comes to fashion. "Drew [Barrymore] has always had a really strong sense of self and has always been able to convey that in a really lovely, non-forced way," she said of her fellow actress and close friend.

A lifelong fashion devotee, Philipps obsesses over glamorous labels like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana -- "a lot of stuff that, as a mom, is not practical for everyday wear," she laughed. For the everyday stuff, she sticks with LOFT, of course. Watch her latest video for the brand above, and shop our favorite LOFT picks for spring in the gallery below!

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