Want to stay home and watch March Madness? Just get a vasectomy like everyone else

Doctors: Vasectomies Triple In March
Doctors: Vasectomies Triple In March

A vasectomy is a minimally invasive medical procedure.

Patients are usually done in an hour or two, and the recovery involves little more than a week of guilt-free sitting while icing one's nether regions.

Still, any surgery, no matter how minor, comes with risks.

But apparently, the risks associated with getting "snipped" have been deemed worth taking by men around America -- provided their recovery time aligns perfectly with March Madness, of course.

As bizarre as it sounds, many vasectomy clinics report spikes in appointments around the NCAA tournament, presumably from guys who feel that there's no better time than tourney time to kick back and recover.

According to WBAY, one Wisconsin doctor reports that his clinic sees a huge surge in vasectomy surgeries ahead of the basketball tournament every single year.

"From a vasectomy standpoint, we probably do two to three more times vasectomies this month than the average month," said Dr. Tait Fors of the Wisconsin Institute of Urology.

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If that didn't make your skin crawl, then consider the fact that this has become such a popular thing to do some places offer SALES on vasectomies during the month of March.

The "Vas Madness" special package, as one Texas-based Urology Team has so lovingly dubbed it, costs $595 for both the surgical procedure that'll stop you from getting anyone pregnant and a one-way ticket to Couchtown U.S.A, so you watch your bracket fall apart in real time, rather than after work on TiVo.

Image: The Urology Team

At least that one was just a deal on the procedure itself -- one year, a clinic in Cape Cod , Mass., even threw in free pizza as part of its March Madness-themed vasectomy package.


American males: Please do less.

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