Uber will drive you across the border, but there's a catch

Mexico City Publishes Regulations Allowing Uber and Others
Mexico City Publishes Regulations Allowing Uber and Others

Crossing the border? There's an app for that. Well, for one way across at least.

Uber has been making bold headlines lately, from a shooting allegedly involving one of its drivers to the company's CEO having a few choice words to say about international competition.

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The latest Uber news is sure to evoke a reaction out of most people, especially with all the talk of border regulation going on during this election cycle.

Starting March 18, Uber users will be able to hitch a ride to Mexico.

But there's a catch: They won't be able to request a ride back in using the car service once they leave.

Passengers can only request a ride from San Diego and be dropped off in Tijuana. As for getting back into the country, they should probably figure that out ahead of time.

Uber already has a worldwide presence, and is available in a little under 400 cities worldwide. The San Diego to Tijuana exchange is the first time that Uber will allow its drivers to cross country borders, as the company normally requires drivers to drop passengers off at border lines and ask the passengers to walk across to the other country.

Passport and all documentation will be required, of course.

We don't know about you, but we're guessing one benefit of going to Tijuana is a much lower surge rate across the border.

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