Trump's Social Security, phone numbers released by Anonymous hacker group

Anonymous Hackers Declare War on Donald Trump
Anonymous Hackers Declare War on Donald Trump

Hacker group Anonymous released phone numbers and a Social Security number allegedly belonging to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday.

The alleged cyber attack comes just less than two weeks after the mysterious group declared "total war" on the GOP front-runner in an ominous video posted to YouTube.

News of the hack set the social media world on fire as many rushed to dial The Donald's digits in hopes of getting a word, or possible insult, from the billionaire business man -- including AOL News.

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Trump didn't answer and the call went directly to an automated voicemail inbox that was full. Text messages sent to the candidate's alleged phone failed to go through as well.

"The time has come for a movement morally strong enough to do battle against the forces of evil, bigotry and fascism that have come to the forefront at this election cycle," the hacker group declared in a new video released on Thursday along with the information.

The rogue group concluded their latest video by urging others to join the fight against "fascism," and provided a "gift" for those who want to join them in their crusade.

"Now is the time to unite to fight fascism. To show that we are very serious about stopping any proposed forthright by the fascist Donald Trump we have attached a gift of sorts. Trump's Social Security number, cell phone number and other details that might be able to assist you."

Watch the Anonymous video below:

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