Throwback Thursday: 'Success kid' is all grown up now and just as awesome

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When Sammy Griner was only 11 months, his mom Laney snapped an epic photo of him at the beach and uploaded it to her Flickr page without thinking twice.

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Fast-forward a few months and the photo had been turned into a viral sensation, appearing everywhere from Reddit to Tumblr and CNN calling him "the Internet's most famous baby."

Featured gripping a handful of sand and making the most determined of faces, Sammy, dubbed 'Success Kid,' became synonymous with the glorious moment you achieve success when you least expect it.

In 2015, the youngster made headlines once again when he helped his father get a new, much-needed kidney with the help of a GoFundMe page. The page was written up by various media outlets and once again, the Internet came to his aid and funded the $100,000 goal.

So, what does the viral hot shot look like nine years later?

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Check out more images of the tot below, courtesy of his mom's Instagram page.

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No one does Success Kid like #SuccessKid.

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My best boy.

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My little one. Being all big.

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