This adorable Arctic Fox can't control his laughter

This Arctic Fox Has a Contagious Laugh

This adorable arctic fox is winning the Internet this week.

Archer, the unusual domesticated house pet, has been living with Kristina since he was just a little pup. Since joining the family, Archer has picked up on many behaviors from his human cohabitants, with the greatest being his appreciation for the joys of laughter.

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Since being uploaded to Facebook on March 13th, the video showing Archer in the middle of a giggle fit has gone viral. With more than 750 shares and 40,000 views, the clip is littered with comments from users expressing their goal to "get you guys on Ellen."

His unique skill set occurs on command, with the footage showing him responding to Kristina's boyfriend's laugh with his own extremely hearty chuckle.

According to Kristina, Archer's most likely to erupt into hysterics whenever he's sleepy; perhaps a sign that he's looking forward to a funny dream.

Check out the hilarious original post below.

When my boyfriend laughs, Archer laughs

Posted by Kristina Shafer on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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