These NCAA Most Outstanding Players turned out to be the most average NBA players ever

Cinderellas & NBA Prospects in NCAAs
Cinderellas & NBA Prospects in NCAAs

Over recent decades, it's become abundantly clear that NCAA basketball stardom doesn't directly translate to NBA success.

Aside from winning it all, the highest accomplishment any individual player can achieve is the tournament's Most Outstanding Player award -- given to the player who shined the brightest in the tournament, almost exclusive to a player on the championship team.

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But browsing the list, over the last 30 years, very few of these winner have gone on to reach pro stardom. Anthony Davis surely has. Carmelo Anthony is another. Rip Hamilton was a star for a time, and Kemba Walker is well above average these days for the Charlotte Hornets.

But since the mid-1980s, the MOP has been, as it turns out, a sign of very average things to come for the winning player. Put differently, several of these players went on to play extremely average careers. Not very good, not bad at all -- just plain average.

And there's nothing wrong with it al all. But below, we took a look at recent Most Outstanding Players who amounted to be Outstanding Role Players in the NBA.

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