Shakira got Disney to add more hips to her 'Zootopia' character

Shakira Had Disney Add Curves to Her 'Zootopia' Character
Shakira Had Disney Add Curves to Her 'Zootopia' Character

Shakira asked Disney animators to give bigger hips to Gazelle, the cartoon character she voices in the upcoming movie Zootopia.

"It looked to me like she needed more hips [and] I asked them to give her more," Shakira told Spain's El Pais newspaper in an interview coinciding with the premiere of the movie in Barcelona, the Colombian pop star's adopted home town. "And they did it!"

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Shakira noted that she and the midriff-baring, blond-maned Gazelle have "things in common."

"A lot of the details are mine," she said. "The color of the eyes, the hair, even the clothes."

The singer said that after seeing a drawing of Gazelle, she "didn't think twice" about accepting the part.

She called her role in Zootopia "super fun" and different than anything she had done before, adding that she had been offered similar projects in the past but had turned them down.

Shakira revealed that she is writing new songs and plans to return focusing on her career in March. She gave birth to her second son, Sasha, just over a year ago.

"I live for music and in some way music lives in me," she told El Pais. "...I am made of this and for this. My every fiber. If I don't sing and dance, I suffocate."

Zootopia's U.S. release is set for March 4. Shakira's song "Try Everything" is featured on the movie's soundtrack.